Academic genealogies are interesting! They are fun if taken not too seriously and they can overwhelm if taken seriously!  I firmly believe a Guru’s great importance cannot be judged by the magnitude of their achievements; less or more, they should be venerated for sculpting whatever goodness is present in us. Nevertheless, one should always strive to be the Anu, the Zeus, the Brahma of your own genealogy; of a new vista of knowledge. I have the fortune of being an off-shoot of an academic tree of some of the greatest chemists of the world. I see all of them with admiration and respect. This page is just for enjoyable reading. I desire no adulation, concessions, nor non-contextual criticism for belonging to this academic genealogy.


Friedrich Wöhler 

discovered synthesis of urea – Wöhler Synthesis

co-discovery & isolation of Beryllium, Yttrium, Silicon, and Titanium

Ended the doctrine of vitalism

Celebrated collector of meteorites

Professor of Chemistry

University of Göttingen



Theodor Zincke

regarded for Zincke Reaction; Zincke Nitration & Zincke-Suhl Reaction

Professor of Chemistry

University of Marburg



Otto Hahn


1944 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Discoverer of Nuclear Fission

Discoverer of Radium-228, Protoactinium & radioactive recoil

Father of Nuclear Chemistry

Founding Member of the Max Planck Society



Karl Erik Zimen

Nuclear Chemist

Nuclear and Energy Policymaker in West Germany

Founding Director of Hahn-Meitner-Instituts Berlin



Wolfram Thiemann

Keen observer and proponent of ethics in scientific research

Environmental Scientist

Emeritus Professor of Physical & Environmental Chemistry

University of Bremen



Uwe J. Meierhenrich

Leading Scientist on ESA Rosetta and ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars missions

Interstellar Ice Chemist

Proponent of Origin of Homochiralty in Interstellar Space

Professor of Analytical & Physical Chemistry

University of Nice Sophia Antipolis



Chaitanya Giri

(under construction)