Why you should and shouldn’t commit node_modules folder to your repository.

In a fairly recent project after days of thinking I resolved to commit node_modules folder. Well I expect you would think that this man has gone mad, next he’ll say he uses tabs instead of spaces(I do).

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Summarizing YDKJS : UP & GOING: Chapter -2

Here, enjoy this song while reading the story: Let her go. (No they didn’t paid me). Click here to read summary of UP & GOING chapter 1.

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Summarizing YDKJS : UP & GOING: Chapter -1

I will try to write a chapter’s summary at a time, please correct me where I am wrong I’d love to have a healthy discussion over JavaScript with you, read ahead for further updates.

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How a hackathon can give you a cool project and ample of opportunities?

A Hackathon is a 24/48 hours competition in which you come up with an idea and a product(prototype). If you haven’t attended any hackathon yet let me tell you this thing you are missing out a whole lot of cool stuff.

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Possible changes that Microsoft could bring to Github.

The news has been there and it has finally happened. Microsoft bought Github for 7.5 billion(paid in stocks).

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Impacts of Data Science as an encouragement in today’s industry.

Data Science, this term has been believed to revolutionize the way industries work. There has been a lot of buzz for data science among the developer community. But some questions do arise

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How I became a mentor in Google Code-In’17?

I mentored pre-university students in , I am so happy that I can’t even describe the feeling.

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Difficulties that a developer faces while developing his first full-stack application.

A month back I was just ready to make my first full-stack application. I had spent a lot of time studying nodeJS, MongoDB, expressJS but it was time to put them all together, making every bit of learning count.

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Why you should attend Google Developer’s Group DevFests.

This Sunday I was lucky enough to get myself registered in GDG DevFest2017, Jaipur. Here’s some reason why you should attend one:

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MongoDB Replica set, Oplog and other ghosts that haunt you.

Okay, so this comes after two frustrating days of reading documentations and finally getting the application in running state.

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