How I became a mentor in Google Code-In’17?

I mentored pre-university students in , I am so happy that I can’t even describe the feeling.

Chaitanya Giri 10-12-2019
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So, November was the month when it all started. I was preparing for the end term examinations, I wasn’t doing much of any other work as I need to focus on my grades (😜 they are a bit on the lower side.)

One day I came across an article about GCI(). I thought I must apply to be a part of this(Though didn’t expect to get selected).

Here are some points explaining the application procedure:

  • Wait for next GCI to start.(Obviously 😜)
  • Each year different organizations are selected to be a part of GCI. You can easily see them here.
  • Now next thing you need to do to apply as a mentor gets the mailing details or any type of communication platform that the organization prefers.
  • Introduce and simply ask how to join the community as a mentor for GCI. They’ll guide you.
  • You’ll be asked to describe yourself and show that you are worthy of being a mentor. Just simply tell them about the projects you have done, show them your Github profile(You need to be active on Github), your preferred tech-stack, tell them about your experience on different projects etc. Now, this step differs from organization to organization but the idea behind that remains the same.

My experience with GCI was amazing, our organization was among the top organizations in terms of completed tasks( 😜 Though it's not a competition among organizations still whats good is good). I interacted with more than 50 students from different countries all around the world, helped them in various domains like coding, designing, writing etc. Some of the students needed more help so even had to spend hours with the single student but at the end, I saw it as an opportunity to give back to the community which has helped me learn so many things. I am grateful to Anuj Garg (somehow found you on Medium 😄) and JBOSS for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Happy Coding 😃

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