How to complete Free Code Camp’s front end certification in 40 days.

I started my free code camp in the first week of May 2017 and completed it today i.e, 19 June 2017. Here is the link to my certificate.

Chaitanya Giri 19-10-2019
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Two semesters had already passed and I was going nowhere. I had an interest in coding and I did some coding in C++, C and python. In the second term, I was introduced to the term “Web Development”. After that I didn’t know where to start from so I started trying things that again took me nowhere, one day I was going through an answer in quora and came to know about FCC. I didn’t start it right through since I had my 2nd-semester examinations(got “F” in two subjects), So I decided to start it in term break.

Here are some of the things that you might want to consider if you wish to complete your certification in 40 or less than 40 days:-

  • Set a target of at least 10 hours a day - You need to give some quality time to it. Some of the challenges will take lesser time while you may get stuck in some for days. All this needs time so be prepared to give this much time.
  • Stay healthy- I tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle used to hit the gym daily, ate healthy food. Still, I got sick so, I was not coding for two whole days which I think was a huge loss for me. I used to sleep late in the night or call it early morning(3 am-4 am). I think this could have been better so having a proper schedule of sleep is definitely advised.
  • Don’t give up- Believe me or not you will get stuck in challenges and feel like ending your journey in FCC. But believe in yourself you will solve your challenge and feel like being at the top of the world.
  • Read-Search-Ask- This is the first thing that you are been told when you start your FCC. You need to do it effectively. Read from trusted sources, search for resources that will help you in the long run, The forum and chat rooms are really active, so ask your queries. But make sure you do it in the same sequence as mentioned.
  • Join all the forums and social media pages related to FCC- This helps you get motivated. Here’s how: suppose you are using social media in your free time and you encounter a post in one of the pages you will open it, read it and it will remind you of working hard and keep you motivated.

Hey guys it’s been more than 1.5 years since I wrote this article. I’ve just received confirmation(In December 2018) for my first job as a backend developer follow me for more such content. This will keep me motivated.

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