Possible changes that Microsoft could bring to Github.

The news has been there and it has finally happened. Microsoft bought Github for 7.5 billion(paid in stocks).

Chaitanya Giri 10-12-2019
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But why did it happened?

Despite being such a great platform for developers Github has been struggling financially It has barely been in profit since it launched plus there has not been the guy who was the face and leader. I always say to sustain a company you need a face behind it. So leadership issues and financial issues led to this.

Why Microsoft?

Suppose if you were a company dealing with IT and you will be getting data related to technologies from the developers all around the world wouldn't you like it? Very less people know Microsoft had its own Github like platform called Codeplex which was shut down recently on December 15th, 2017 so that’s one way of thinking.

As a developer I am really concerned about this acquisition as I push most of my public code to Github.

A quote from Microsoft’s blog “GitHub is the de facto place for open source sharing and most open source projects have migrated there”. Microsoft has been actively pushing open source technology, and the company has open sourced PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, and the Microsoft Edge JavaScript engine. Microsoft also partnered with Canonical to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10 and acquired Xamarin to assist with mobile app development.

So if I were Microsoft I wouldn’t want to miss the deal.

Changes this acquisition could bring to github -

  • While the first blog posted by Nat Friedman(New CEO of Github) clearly mentions that it will operate independently as a community, platform, and business and will retain its product philosophy. But Microsoft’s business model tells you otherwise. Microsoft’s business model relies on proprietary technology(selling software e.g. windows). So it could limit the free account’s services.
  • Integrating LinkedIn careers with Github jobs. Since both of them are now serving same purpose to same company they are likely to get merged.
  • Microsoft is the top contributor to Github as an organization. And if you have been following the news it has turned its many code bases open source over the last few years so It could make some giant products open source revolutionizing the developers community(Maybe Windows).
  • Using Github’s stats/trends in technology to adjust its products accordingly.
  • Changing User Interface while I feel the Github’s classic UI do not need any changes but people can still expect this to be changing as Github has itself been experimenting with the UI so Microsoft could also do the same but in a more massive manner.
  • Despite the expected limitations in free services you could expect a boost in customer support as Microsoft’s basic idea has always been to build their products and services around customer’s needs this could very well be possible.

So the changes could be very drastic or it could lead to a better Github Let’s see what happens.

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